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Our Center use theme-based lesson plans to reinforce the topics being covered during the week or month. We encourage each child to

Theme Based Lesson Plans

express themselves while respecting others.

All Teachers will have their Early Childhood Credentials 1  & 2.  All teachers will be certified in CPR and First Aid.  Monthly continuing education re-certification will be  offered.

Teacher Qualification
About Uccc Our Approach to the Curriculum
 Used in the Classroom

All children learn differently, the Center only uses standardized curriculum as a reference for our teachers.  

Art, Outdoor
Activities &  Music

These three areas are encouraged at UCCC.  They develop self expression, increase coordination and builds self-confidence.

Unique Creations. About UCCC. Joy Mangum. Activites. Policy. FAQ. Special Forms. Contact.

Unique Creations Childcare Center is proud  to welcome our new Speech Therapist to our staff.  You will be hearing more details about our new staff member who has a Certificate in Speech Therapy from North Carolina, A&T.  Univerity. She will be completing her masters in June of 2011.

Unique Creations Childcare Center has been blessed enough to take several curriculums and choose the best of each.  Unique Creations Child Care cultivates“Learn Through Play.”

The staff and I use the Creative Curriculum. This Curriculum is Child-Centered and reflects the interest, needs, abilities, and natural learning styles of our students. Every class has several centers:

UCCC is a Manipulative Center

The Center develops fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, problem solving, individual and partner social skills.

UCCC is a Reading Center UCCC is a Dramatic Play Center UCCC is a Block Center

UCCC encourages book appreciation, fosters imaginative thought, builds vocabulary, and stimulates intellectual development.

UCCC forces life and social skills through development interaction. It also enhances communication skills of ideas and words through interaction with other kids.

Our “Block Center” gives children the opportunity to enhance their creativity through balance and gravity.

Children get hands on experience with nature material to learn the world around them.

UCCC is a Science & Nature Center

Please Note:  Parent teacher conferences will be scheduled twice a year.  Other activities involving the parent or guardian will be announced as they are scheduled.