These activities give them hands-eye coordination and develop both gross and help find motor skills. We strongly believe that children learn by doing and try to provide activities that are appropriate for children of different ages and interest.



Children learn a great deal from our daily play Activities.  Play is a child's work. Let children be children and watch what they can learn.  Playing with play dough, finger painting. drawing, singing, reading books are typical activities we might engage in.

Some of the most teachable moments happen spontaneously.  As these activities can be a bit messy, We encourage you to dress your child in comfortable,  washable play clothes everyday.  As a childcare provider We will help each child develop the tools needed to be successful in kindergarten.

Children Learn by Doing
Outdoor Time

I try to take the children outside everyday for fresh air and exercise. On cold days we bundle up and go outside for at least a few minutes.  


On warm, sunny days we may spend a lot of time outdoors.  Many of the activities we do inside, we may also do outside.  

Children really enjoy the freedom that the outdoors offers.  They can run, jump and be as loud as they want to be.  We also exercise, explore and discover a whole new world.  If you have special requests regarding outside play (such as using sunscreen, insect repellant, etc... please let  me know.


I want you to remember all this stuff we do with Infants and toddlers

Infants receive as much interaction as possible.  I make sure the infant has some tummy time daily to develop arm,

Infants and Toddlers

Field Trips

Each week we take a trip to the library for story time.  We try to take one main field trip monthly.  This helps expose the children to many different situations and gives them a different environment.  All field trips will be announced with as much notice as possible.

One on One

I try to provide some time between myself and a child daily.  This help the child feel special, develops a trust and a special bond between the child and myself.  

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Field trips are an enriching part of any program.


"My son has attended Unique Creations for a year and a half. He loves it and

so do we... The home environment and the learning experience has been great".


What About

 some One on One

Time Miss Joy?

Unique Creations. About UCCC. Joy Mangum. Activites. Policy. FAQ. Special Forms. Contact.
Let children be children
Total Childcare
Indoor Time

back and leg muscles needed to crawl.  Toys are placed in front to encourage the child to reach for them.


I also provide planned activities and free play for toddlers. Activities include; songs, rhymes, pictures with words and stories.  Many activities are guided by each child's interest and needs